Add value and trust to your products

OICPE is an independent certification body for electrical and electronic products that meets the requirements of SR EN ISO / IEC 17065, national and European legislation in force.

Through the offered services range, we support manufacturers, importers or distributors of electrical and electronic products in assessing and declaring product compliance with the requirements of harmonized European standards / security requirements.

The certification schemes used for the voluntary domain according to SR EN ISO / IEC 17067 are:

  • Certification Scheme “1a” – Certificate of Conformity
  • Certification scheme “3” – License for the Conformity Mark

The conformity mark is registered with OSIM under no. 46557 and is a guarantee of conformity of the products evaluated by OICPE.

We have the testing laboratory for electric products certification – LICPE, qualified and competent personnel as well as suitable spaces for conducting evaluation and certification activities.

Our client portfolio includes companies recognized in the national and international market.

OICPE staff are active in the following ASRO Technical Committees as Presidents, Secretaries, Members:

  • CT 1
Rotary electrical machines
  • CT 6
  • CT 11
Small electrical appliances
  • CT 15
Electrical insulators
  • CT 19
Mechanical and climatic tests
  • CT 23
Measurement and control in industrial processes
  • CT 29
Degree of protection
  • CT 30
Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • CT 33
Fire hazard tests
  • CT 130
Automatic controls for household appliances
  • CT 131
  • CT 159
  • CT 166
Measuring instrument of fundamental electrical quantities
  • CT 238
The working skills of home appliances
  • CT 239
Safety of household and similar appliances
  • CT 255
Safety of portable electric power tools

OICPE is a member in:

  • European Community of EMC Notified Bodies – ECANB