Add value and trust to your products


  • Performs compliance tests for electrical and electronic products with harmonized European standards, international standards and other technical specifications
  • Availability of staff and equipment
  • Technical competence of personnel relevant to the products and compliance tests
  • Independence from the possible predominance of any specific interests
  • Activity in Technical Committees of the Romanian Standards Association – ASRO
  • Professional probity, experience, training, technical competence, impartiality and correctness proven over the years
  • The activity is independent, transparent and impartial, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of information provided by clients during the evaluation / testing process


Supporting Romanian producers and not only by providing competent testing services in order to achieve products meeting the requirements of:

–       Harmonized European standards published under EU directives and regulations

–       International standards

–       National standards

–       Company standards / product specifications

Promoting the protection of the life, health and safety of individuals, the environment and protecting the interests of consumers.

Support the free movement of goods.


  • Laboratory activity started in Icpe since 1955 as “Electrotechnical Product Approval Service”
  • Accredited since 1995 by RELAR according to SR EN 45001, Accreditation Certificate Nr. 008-L
  • Accredited since 2002 by RENAR – National Accreditation Body, in accordance with SR EN ISO / CEI 17025
  • Authorized by AFER – Romanian Railway Authority, License Series AL no. 121/2001
  • Recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce by Order no. 521/2004 for the conformity assessment of electrical and electronic products, with the essential requirements stipulated by GD no. 457/2003 – Low Voltage Directive and Order no. 552/2004 for conformity assessment of electrical and electronic apparatus, with the main protection requirements stipulated by GD no. 497/2003, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
  • It has been operating since 2009 as part of OICPE